(on 2013-09-06)

Swedish Police Open Investigation into Seizure of War Crime Evidence

Friday, 6 September 2013, 16:30 BST (London Time)

Swedish police have opened a formal preliminary investigation into the seizure of WikiLeaks property on 27 September 2010, which contained evidence of a war crime. Julian Assange filed a criminal complaint at Arlanda police on 3 September 2013 via his lawyer Per E. Samuelson.

Julian Assange said: "The Swedish police has decided to open an investigation. I hope this investigation is given the independence to go wherever it needs to, and no official is considered above the law. The police should be supported in their investigation. The WikiLeaks material that was seized contained evidence of a US war crime committed as part of the Afghan military campaign."

The criminal complaint is opened under case number 0201 K 268906-13.

Link to press release regarding the filing of the criminal complaint: http://wikileaks.org/Updated-Press-...

A separate complaint was filed in Germany with the federal prosecutor that same day. http://wikileaks.org/WikiLeaks-File...

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